Why Cali is Liberal Paradise — A Hellish Ordeal

Nowhere is more falsely progressive than Cali. Diversity blooms here; but look closely because it’s not reality.

Diversity simply means they tick off the boxes and cut the rest of your being off like that asshole in Get Out.

Sure there are many kinds of people here, but there is absolutely no kind of fucking upward mobility, just a descent into the sunken place.

I’ve never seen so much bureaucratic red tape — legalized systemic oppression disguised as “freedom”.

I’ve never encountered such deluded ypipo who are negligently racist.

I’ve never seen such ridiculously obvious and rigid racial stratification.

Yes, we are all here, all kinds. Cali is diverse as hell.

But that’s the problem. We have all kinds but each kind must keep to itself! The social order is disturbing in its absolutism. When it comes to power, it is completely clear whose voice matters (hint: it’s Becky’s).

Cali is full of liberals and progessives — so far removed from reality that they think they aren’t part of the same racist system as their right-wing counterparts.

I gotta tell you, Andy the Enby, your negligent racism is actually worse than the blatant kind. At least Nazis are honest about their ignorance, fear, and hatred.

California is heaven — the end result of the experiment this bastard country has been running. It is the answer to that fucked up equation. It is a liberal paradise, but a literal hell for everyone else, for anyone Real.

Alt Black people can pretend they’re not racist because the system does the dirty work for them. They can claim innocence because that just happens to be the way things pan out. They complain about how expensive it is while stealing from Black indigenous people and literally voting to make it more expensive.

Make no mistake, Cali is all about that abuse culture control. They allow superficial surface alterations while tightening the noose on those at the bottom.

Californians are lazy. Not as in lame but as in truly just not giving enough of a fuck to lift a goddamn finger while people die.

It’s one of the richest places for a reason. It “attracts” all the “best minds” for a reason. Hollywood and Silicon Valley are here for a reason.

But it damn sure ain’t cuz anybody here has learned or earned anything.

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press. https://the-metanoiac-portal.mn.co

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