To Present or Not to Present; That is Fucked Up

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Cuil Fiction. Supposed to share it with the world.

Like, it's a genre specifically inclusive of all the types of queerness, transness, ND, Blackness, disability, and non-monogamy, y'all. But this is how poverty works; why it's a trap. It guarantees you get locked out of better opportunities, that accessibility remains a myth, that you just encounter the same flat recycled ideas over and over again.

Of the seven or eight conferences and appearances I've been invited to speak at in the past two years, I've only made two; both blessedly paid, one was close enough for me to drive to (going to see Mono/Poly, with Elizabeth Sheff) and the other with an accomplice fronting the cost for travel and lodging (because pay came after; I was the Keynote Speaker and presented The Expanded Sexual Spectrum and The Forgotten Queers).

That's despicable. Like, extremely. How can so many claim to want more, to want to do better, to want something truly different but then do absolutely nothing to ensure that it is sustainable and fulfilling for those they feast on? The outcome wss that basically, they'd rather watch me struggle needlessly and die if I wasn't doing this shit for free.

What kind of culture is that?

Anyway, I missed the deadline for scholarships at this conference; but why should that be the end of it? These things can be built from the ground up with the needs of the most marginalzed in mind instead of paying lip service as an afterthought.

Anyway, wanted to keep y'all updated on this. I'm not really asking for funds; like, I'm more wondering why this shit isn't a given, you know?

I need genuine community support for once to attend ClexaCon and present "How to Write Cuil".

Break the trend and actually support a poor trans queer disabled ND Black speaker. Make cons accessible for folks like me. They want me to speak, but never provide. Change it.

Ongoing Speaker Fund for PMW

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