The Specified INM Shift

Intersectional NM is now Integrated NM. Intersectionality no longer centers on how Blackness is the root of all oppression. You cannot discuss any form of oppression without acknowledging its magnification when it coincides with Black bodies. Intersectionality has come to be a buzzword that obfuscates its history of and centering on queer Black women, femmes, and afabs but it still remains a useful tool, & so I am specifically invoking Integration (Integrated Feminism) as the lens through which we examine non-monogamies. Though this (Integrated Feminism) does appear to be a term in use by several others, I have outlined my working definition below — an outgrowth of my concept of Metanoiac Alethiology.

This is not so much about identity as it is about what one does & why. The why & who matters as much as the what.

Updated from the post:
My integrated feminism: Intersectional, Reparational, Contextual

Intersectionality = centering the experiences of those caught in the crosshairs of various systemic oppression. Specifically, a tool to gain understanding of how the general abuse culture manifests in the particulars of rape culture, amatonormativity, ableism, & all other -isms that currently play out under the banner of white supremacy & racism.

Reparationality = instead of focusing on purely individual changes or changing “allies” minds, the focus is on practicality: in that financial, emotional, material resources are deliberately & primarily shifted to the most vulnerable & endangered (specifically and especially Black multiply marginalized people, with additional foci on multiply marginalized Dalits, indigenous peoples/Aborigines, Roma, & other similarly extremely oppressed and disempowered people of usually darker skin tones).

Contextual = understanding that each person’s needs will vary depending on their position in the matrix of oppression. There exists no “one size fits all” approach beyond emphasizing individual rights & self- determination. It is not the white feminist concerns like abortion access, beauty, & political power put forth without considering the colonized & racialized contexts within which it was grown. It is concerned mainly with freeing folks from any expectation or default, rather than asserting new ones. It centers holocratic community-focused problem-solving, decolonizing disciplines, & tackling the roots of an issue (ie, usually anti-Blackness, & instead of trying to change people, change the atmosphere).

Accessibility itself MUST actually be accessible. The more privileged you are, the less space you should take up.

Also, as previously stated, the majority of my content will be folded behind a paid wall. If you are a multiply marginalized Black, indigenous, Dalit, Roma, or aborigine person, please contact me about accessing my content.

Thank you!!!!

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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