So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Except dolphins are terrible so I'd never be one. Anyway, this is my birth month, and for my birthday, I want a space actually created to center me and those like me. So, I've been creating one. I've mentioned The Metanoiac Portal before, and I'm finally ready to make the transition.

This will be my last update here. I appreciate those of you who have supported my work. If you want to see future work, please sign up using the link below.

As stated in the pinned post in Integrated Non-Monogamy; all of my FB groups will be archived on June 1st. My work and projects, future and past, will only be accessible via The Metanoiac Portal.

Membership is subscription-based and on a sliding scale rooted in my reparational model. What that means is, all funds will go towards supporting BlaQueer nonmen both directly and via events and courses centered on them. They will fund projects like Safety Net, Michón Con, and other fantastic intersectional collaborations.

If you’re interested in creating communities of care, you are welcome to join and build. Use this link to join the Network.

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