Quora Question: Could cis people get used to being called by their opposite gender?

My answer:

Some could, some never would, but unless the meaning of the labels changed or it was a social experiment or it was about solidarity; it would only serve to be damaging, inaccurate, and meaningless.

Gender is personal, in that it is unique to each person. There is always more variation among than between genders of any kind.

There are also some general issues with defining gender for others:

  1. Assigning the label cis is bound to be inaccurate in many cases because it simply means that a person identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth. It doesn’t tell us the person’s sex, experiences, or intersex status
  2. Since gender is personal, there are already ways in which everyone is already commonly misgendered. Binaristic gender roles place assumptions and misattributions on people of all genders, so while pronouns may line up with assignation, the intention and expectations behind them already cause dysphoria
  3. Keep in mind I am referring to social dysphoria, not body dysphoria. Social dysphoria often underlies body dysphoria because gender is about your mental image of yourself and how that lined up with how culture treats you
  4. This experiment would simply amplify social dysphoria if done without context
  5. You cannot force people to feel one way or another. Their emotional response would depend on their values, in addition to their beliefs about themselves. Some cis people might actually discover they aren’t cis, or at least not only or not at all times. Some just might be tickled at going by inaccurate pronouns. But overall…
  6. Purposely misgendering people and forcing your version of who they are into them is projection of the foulest sort. When you also bring race into it, the likelihood of violence and death for Black Indigenous people of color becomes a massive probability
  7. This is why folks say that misgendering someone is an act of violence. Radicalized gender as it exists within this enforced colonized binary does result in many actual lives lost, and though many will never say it, it is overwhelmingly Black and Brown bodies that such violence is inflicted upon

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