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Maybe skip it. It’s mostly yte concerns written by yte people and the last thing I need in my life right now is even more Get Out level paleness. Medium is becoming the sunken place for Black writers on ANY topic. Nonsense is catapulted to the top just because Becky, Chad, and Andy the Enby wrote it.

I’ll also say it again cuz Becky thick: It doesn’t matter the topic.

Yte voices are still prioritized. I’ve seen less and less engaging content in recent months since Medium did away with the discover writers and featured writers categories.

It’s become weighted with bro-techy, faux-political, tripe. It’s impossible to find good queer content, or actual ethical content, or truly soul-touching content. Part of the frustration is having to wade through the sea of frothy mayonnaise and pray that one of my friends on another site shares the ebony and onyx gold that still somehow exists here, but that isn’t being showcased.

When I see the lack of shares, love, and featuring for these gems, but see some bs by Becky on blast, I get a little ticked off. Medium had the chance to not be like the rest of the bent media out there but it’s failed. It’s just as geared towards the same problems destroying ethical independent media.

That’s okay, though. The entire world has been created against my existence. What’s one more space to let the barren landscape take back?

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press. https://the-metanoiac-portal.mn.co

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