On Cover Girl’s “Progress”: Retreading Black History, Again

The story of how white folks #columbused makeup and turned it gay and femme and slutty and even lethal, and now are rediscovering that it's actually for everyone after all, now that the mainstream (read "what white folks care about") has made it "fashionable".

It was a sign of status and had an actual purpose that wasn't solely about looking good. But in our bifurcated Cartesian-reductionist society, nobody is integrated. And so people find their souls in bits and pieces, finally learning to love their image but still lookist or still thinking they're crap in other ways.

Seriously, don't you realize people aren't meant to be this empty that becoming a whole person is something most die without ever doing? Why is is acceptable to hate yourself or your creations? For no reason? Why is dysfunction and abuse the norm, the standard? Why is such severe restriction and conformity required to be considered decent?

Why such care about what's "natural" but not what's right? Why so much belief in the arbitrary, in fantasies rather than reality and variation?

I wish I knew. Sigh.

Article in question:

https://mic.com/articles/160407/makeup-isn-t-suddenly-genderless-it-always-has-been#.H4sFjEeSU via @Mic

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