Omg boo hoo! I don’t have any idea what it is to be powerless, ignored, spoken over, pushed aside, and just generally have every move I make blocked by a big, mean old world!

It’s not like I’m asking people to be effective by actually knowing what the fuck they’re talking about or by letting those who are actually equipped with the better tools step forward for once.

It’s not as if, omg this is simply one approach to center lives that everyone claims they value but never have actually taken the time to understand.

It’s not like I’ve been busting my ass, whilst homeless and after escaping domestic violence, this past year providing unpaid emotional and intellectual labor, or even just trying to survive as friends and others with even one of my aspects was attacked and killed and abused.

Hee hee! It’s not like people of all kinds can actually adjust or anything. I forgot how monolithic everyone is.

And shifting monetary support sure never changed the world or anything.

Fuck allies. Accomplices only. Why are you taking up space instead of being useful? Maybe actually look into every damn thing I do, have done, have gone through to even be alive today.

Or just get the fuck out with your 'splainin. Go create something you find useful and actionable. Go produce something! Go protect some intersex, autistic, noetisexual, single parent, genderqueer, poor, Black, indigenous, disabled, pansexual person from the bullies that make their life Hell.

Go make even a corner of the world better, because change is not made in one sweeping motion but in integrated, individual acts and through one vibrant connection at a time. If you can’t grasp the multi-faceted approach, or even the significance of accurate history and education against the systems that keep us bound in bullshit, then the very least you can do is get the fuck out of the way of those that do.

You can’t help anyone if you’re not even on the radar with yourself. Go survive some shit, then find some area I’m not. Go where you’re needed!

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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