My #transdayofvisibility statement:

Who can afford to be visible? Cuz it's damn sure not queer Black folk like me. We get murked, which is why #transdayofremembrance is also a thing.

What the fuck is up with all these holidays, anyway? I can't even keep up anymore cuz my being isn't bifurcated like these holidays suggest.

The only ones visible are yte ppl. And as Lynx M'Chea said, even the language obfuscates the reality that yte supremacy is why binaries and gender policing exist to begin with.

Y'all keep talking about how misgendering is violence, but what the fuck you got to say about people like me, Black people and intersex people and disabled people and parents who will ALWAYS be misgendered or can't afford to pass or whose correct pronouns and expression have been stolen?

Visible? To whom and for whom?

Visibility for you at the expense of those like me.

I'm not trans, I'm not enby I'm not even genderqueer/vague or neurogender or anything else anymore.

Cuz it’s not just my transness that isn’t seen. It’s every aspect of me. The way I love, who I’m attracted to and how, my capacity to love more than one intensely, the way my brain and body works, my experiences and trauma and creativity, even the fucking fact that I’m left-handed in your terribly right-handed world are NEVER seen.

You don't fucking see me. You don't fucking care. You have to exist to be visible and I don't exist in the isty delusional world.

I am what I've always been: Other.

As in anything Other than that which you misperceive me to be.

It started off as a term for those in the #cuilverse that were anything other than human but I realize now...when those who are allowed to exist (who don't have to beg for empty shit like visibility or bathroom access or media representation or equal rights from their oppressors) are Aryan princes, I am indeed anything Other than human.

Of all those fucking boxes you are obsessed with building, the only one that ever applies to me, that allows me to be the Dragon Gentleman Goddess I am, is Other.

#iamLilith #iamOther

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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