My own analysis, for you white folks:

On the efficacy of fucking safety pins:

I think perhaps finding something else, some clearer way to get through, would help. Safety pins are too common and we don't have much room for error.

It's not specific to Black people but all oppression is related to Black (and indigenous) oppression at bottom.

I'm not saying don't be subtle. I'm not even suggesting we do away with it. I'm simply hoping that people, esp. white people, don't rely on it to communicate.

On top of neurodiversity and disability issues, there are so many Black people, especially at multiple intersections of oppression, who can't or won't find any use in this.

Like, mostly what I see is white feminism taking precedence once again.

Where's support and supplies and symbols for Standing Rock? Where's support for anyone but trans women and gay men (some of the sanctuaries rely on cop protection!)?

Like, everyone seems to be talking about everyone but Black and indigenous (and Black indigenous) people. Again.

Everyone keeps saying the "next Hitler" but still fail to acknowledge the Nazis only learned from the best, the US! That the genocide never stopped here, that it's completely and inextricably bound up with gender, sexuality, and disability.

I see a rush to focus on fucking empathy (as opposed to compassion). A rush to focus on white women. Gay folks. Hispanic immigrants.

There's no cohesion. And the group dying the fastest (queer Black indigenous folks) have yet to be centered. I've had more white people talk over me now, after the election, than they did before - and these are supposed to be my allies!

I see the status quo settling over white America again. They're - you're - still not listening. Still not learning. Still not developing your emotional intelligence so that you can grieve healthily. Still more willing to buy safety pins than to put the money and effort directly into marginalized hands.

So yeah, I'm not so much angry as confused and skeptical.

If you do want to broadcast, wear a BLM shirt. Wear a power fist. Wear a rainbow power fist. Don’t fucking coopt from Britain like you’ve coopted from everyone already!

If you want Black folks to rely on you (but remember that we don’t owe you shit! And there’s damn sure no reason to trust a nan one of you!) then buy directly from us and listen to us:

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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