Michón Con in the Works

I did a thing.

Tee Hee Hee! #MichonCon is Coming!!!

As promised, I’ve begun to take steps to set up the first ever Michon Con during my birthday season. A set number of tickets is for sale.

I still need to do the following, which you’re all welcome to pitch in on if you have the spears:

*Set Up The Viewing Platform *Set Up Content Polls *Create an Accessible Schedule *Market the Event *Find Childcare (for myself, but honestly, if I think I’ll make enough revenue from the subscription section, I’ll do a childcare stipend for marginalized parents)

*Find Volunteers (volunteers get half off, but these tickets are limited, too)

Of course, The Metanoiac Portal members get a 30% discount (on each ticket level) as well as first dibs, because hell yes!!!! Are you fucking ready?????

Get Tickets Now


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Also, don’t forget to vote!!!

Originally published at cuileffect.com on September 15, 2018.

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