Integrated Feminism Part 4: On Representation, The Mathematics of Poverty, and Savior Complexes

A few thoughts, through an #integratedfeminist lens, while coffee fuels my brain and I can actually think:

1. Poverty is not profitable. It’s a simple math problem that people just keep fucking up. Poverty is literally always operating at a deficit. It’s the same with certain disabilities and chronic illnesses. There is no way to save money or time or spoons or energy when one never has enough. That’s just literally fucking impossible, folks, so stop telling people to do and have more when reality itself just does not function that way!

2. That leads into thought number two, about equality. The claim for “no diversity” relies on some fantastical notion that certain types of people are unavailable or simply unqualified. But see, these are the same mofos who claim everyone has an equal chance or is equal. It’s a contradiction on so many levels and they eat themselves like the ouroborous of phuckery they are. Either we are all equal or we are not, and the “proof” they conveniently pull out for why we are not is downright erroneous and insulting. There is no middle. It is also a puzzling denial of nature and evolution in particular. Speaking of which, how is it so many deride queerness in particular as unnatural or against evolution yet they mutilate and cut off a functional body part — that doesn’t even belong to them but to an infant — for aesthetic or dubious reasons?

3. The idea of “better humans” is fraught with a rather telling lack of integrity-based values. In fiction and other media, a better human is simply physically stronger, narrowly but highly intelligent, genetically “superior” (a fundamentally flawed view of both genetics and evolution) or something else that merely allows them to overcome the “bad guys”. What this says about mainstream myth-making is damning, in that active and passive #abuseculture participants can’t or won’t imagine better meaning kinder, compassionate, and actually fixing the underlying problems to actively create, uphold, and make space for an improved or healthier or more accessible world. No, they just perpetuate our only option as being a twisted sacrificial savior complex, the ultimate Occidental (credit to @Nikolas Lane Gilliam) masturbatory fantasy.

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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