Halp! If you believe in me

First posted this yesterday. But venmo or directly through FB is quicker in getting me money. https://venmo.com/michon-neal




Hi everyone! So we got passed over for the house. But I’m not too, too worried.

I've been developing my upcoming course, applying for other jobs I can complete on the go, and providing education to thousands of people!

But it's still going to be a while before I have sustainable income (I won't find out about many of the places I applied for until sometime next month). I still really need your help. I received a rather rude call from storage today: even though I did make a partial payment and let them know my income dropped, they are trying to lock us out and if I don't get caught up next month, they'll initiate an auction for our unit.

I also still need to move twice this upcoming week AND attend different appointments. With my illnesses, kids, and having to educate the folks that are supposed to be helping me, I'm doing the best I can but I'm also asking for you to give what you can. With your assistance, we can make it.

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