Event Horizon Flashback

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I don't have a Safety Net and no one gives a damn longer than a moment. Three or four years now of me actually asking. Tell mr why I'm worse off and scraping by with less.

It's not that we don't ask or do our best. We die from negligence, nothing more. Everyone wants to use us, no one wants to catch us as we fall. Thy swarm just consumes, never comprehending. I once thought I saw a few conscious locusts, but it was just the light playing tricks on me.

The speed of darkness beats the speed of light every time, and they don't realize the light is just a bug catcher. Silly me for calling for help to a swarm in the shape of a person. This ain't Mimic, but it's the same genre.

I have no Safety Net and though many know they just buzz around looking for something to consume. We're being consumed, decimated, and no one will keep the swarm away.

Prolonged phuckery masquerading as hope. I sit here with just about everyone literally just ignoring every damn thing I say and all my screams. My superpower is invisibility and it's killing me.

I have no accomplices. I have a few friends, bad off as me. I have no Safety Net. Nothing to keep the swarm from consuming me.

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press. https://the-metanoiac-portal.mn.co

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