Community Building: A SafetyNet for US

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Reposting this comment on DiDiDelgado’s post here because this is one project I’d want my non-profit/church (The Cuil Chxrch of Metanoiac Alethiology) to do specifically. See relevant threads and support Native and Black women, femmes, and gender/sexually variant people here:

and here:

“The DiDi Delgado, @Leslie Mac, @Safety Pin Box, maybe Jasmine Banks, too. Other interested parties, especially indigenous, Dalit, and Black marginalized genders and gender variant folk and sexually variant people:

Some friends and I had this idea for me that we’re going to try, but it’s something that needs to happen on a wider scale. What if we built Safety Nets for Black femmes and women? Dedicated teams of accomplices and otherwise privileged people who provide ongoing support to them. Each team composed of some folks who provide continuous financial compensation, others who locate resources, some who do networking and blast media on behalf of them, doing the fundraising (with no access to the funds raised) on behalf of them; just accomplices actually literally finding out what their femme needs and finding ways to make it happen. Direct action and consistent support for ongoing reparations, with enough people that if one struggles or is otherwise unable to help for that month or week, the femme will still be taken care of by the rest of the team or another team.

Does that make sense? Is it too bonkers? Do we trust them not to fuck it up?

I don’t want us to depend on these people, the goal is for them to do the work of helping us gain sustainability, to free us up to do the work we need to do, to build a foundation beneath us so that we are not it.

Is…is that possible?”

For accountability’s sake, and because even though I included an afab tag I still erased my own existence above, I’m including some comments further expanding upon WHO this will be for:

“Needs to include Black Enbies whether we’re femmes or not. Not all Enbies are femmes or mascs. We are also non-passing androgynes. Wherever we sit on the binarist spectrum we still need and deserve support.” Rhizome Syndrigast Flourishing

“Obviously. Dealing with period brain but when I have the words, “marginalized genders” will be the term.

But not the way most use it as a catch-all. No, I mean racialized genders, genders lost in time, absence of gender, shifting genders, but never the default of any pale colonized gender, never the thoughtless reactionary gender of colonizer minds. Never the mistaken conflation of non-conforming with transness or Othergenderness.

I regret that I worded my idea above in such limited language, even when applied to myself. I never forget, even when my mouth or hands do. Sigh.”

It should also be stated that while he teams will be personalized and matched up, the organization/project is itself the network and will have a dedicated fund for emergencies and some compensation while our vulnerable are waiting to be matched to a team.

Because we do the work regardless of whether anyone supports us. Let us swap skills and build with each other instead of apart. We accomplish much apart but can you imagine once we have each other?

That is the vision. Establishing a transparent reparational community steeped in #integratedfeminism.

And yes, all these terms are of my own making. I’ve been working on all this for a long while.

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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