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“Say Goodbye to Love", Kenna sang. Because:

Folks need to make up your damn minds.

"Fuck ya white horse and a carriage.
Didn't they tell you that I was a savage?
Bet you never could imagine.
Never told you you could have it," RiRi put words to Eisheth's soul.

Loving me is not a challenge or the boss level to prove how amazing or patient you are to endure it. It's not, "I love except..."

I am not your experiment, your fantasy, your fetish. I've never been here for it and I never will be. I'm not afraid to be unbound if your fear or abuse is all you can give me.

Love is not my motivation; it is my state of being. You cannot tempt me with the promise of your scraps when I feed myself.

My #aroerosarrows point to Self, cuz y'all damn sure would never have me.

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