The Doctor’s Diary — UNIVERSAL DIARY ENTRY 0,0

June 22, 2016 at 4:02pm Universal Standard Time


April 22, 2011 5:02pm


April 22, 1945 at 8:02pm

The Story So Far…

G, E, L,

Time and Space had a kid, who(m) they called Sun, and whom the planets all adored. The Sun had a mate named Moon, whom the planets forgot all about. When it came time for…

There’s a game my siblings and I used to play. We called it Killer Eye.

You need at least 4 people for it to be interesting and hilarious. You write down on several slips of paper little notes; one of them denotes the killer. The rest tell each player they’re not the killer. You can be as creative as you like with the wording. We would often spend a few minutes just giggling over what we wrote down.

Each player chooses a slip of paper, hiding the words from everyone else. …

Half natural.

Half artificial, in that we decide who we are and how we approach life.

We decide how rational we are, but nature is inherently irrational, so that we don’t fuck it up too much.

Nature always wins in the end, and that’s ok. Nature communicates through action only. That’s why death exists. So that no one person or being ever replaces nature. In this way, nature exists apart from conscious creatures. Nature needs no consciousness to operate. But it does require intent, which it determines through multiple creatures making choices it can’t.

This seems like the computers we have now, and…

The answer to Life might actually just be love. Bear with me here and I’ll explain why.

Love seems to be the only 100% guaranteed to work evolutionary strategy. Love, it turns out, is quantifiable after all — not in the sense of odds but in the qualia it lends to our experiences. The one thing every living being must accept and be cognizant of is one’s own experience.

The one thing we can never ignore is the fact that we experience anything, even if and when we think we’re nothing.

It’s not a paradox; it’s just awkward. ‘cuz true…

He let me float down to the floor and then swept me off my feet and down the hall towards the bath. I let my head dangle as I tried…

I Never

Realized it was romantic domination cuz I was aromantic.

Noticed it was rape cuz I was asexual.

Didn’t know what I wanted cuz I wanted nothing.

They had nothing to give…

“Do you think our reality is just a really long book God is reading? Do you think He enjoys it or that he got so bored he threatened the characters with Hell if they didn’t get Ross and Rachel together already?” she inquired of me, wholly unaware I’d become smitten with her before we’d ever met. I temporarily found myself without words to verbalize, a feat that had never once been possible before the 50s.

She called me Pied Piper and it induced in me such delight I decided to keep it. yet only she could call me so directly…

One of the family traditions I’d like my children to continue and pass on is the washing of one another’s feet and regular massages. We did it less as we got older, and I nearly forgot entirely, but this was such a beautiful and caring interaction for a gaggle of heavily traumatized people.

No matter what else was happening, that bit of loving touch and service brightened the day, the mood, the situation. Even when we had our differences. In this touch-starved culture, simple things make the biggest difference.

Not all people enjoy hugs or sex or even holding hands…

My ulcer kicked my ass twice today. Second time nearly vomited again. I hate this. There’s a tight band across my upper abdomen. Trying to relax it. I survived, and took my meds. But good godde, that’s the second time this week!!!

Anyway, in the aftermath, I thought back to my relationship with that person. And I realize there is a kind of predator that works at a slow burn. These are the ones that ratchet it up so slowly it takes ten years before they escalate to a point that you start to notice it's abuse. They wait until…

Michon Neal

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press. https://the-metanoiac-portal.mn.co

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