There’s a game my siblings and I used to play. We called it Killer Eye.

You need at least 4 people for it to be interesting and hilarious. You write down on several slips of paper little notes; one of them denotes the killer. The rest tell each player they’re not the killer. You can be as creative as you like with the wording. We would often spend a few minutes just giggling over what we wrote down.

Each player chooses a slip of paper, hiding the words from everyone else. …

One of the family traditions I’d like my children to continue and pass on is the washing of one another’s feet and regular massages. We did it less as we got older, and I nearly forgot entirely, but this was such a beautiful and caring interaction for a gaggle of heavily traumatized people.

No matter what else was happening, that bit of loving touch and service brightened the day, the mood, the situation. Even when we had our differences. In this touch-starved culture, simple things make the biggest difference.

Not all people enjoy hugs or sex or even holding hands. Some are weird about their feet (I have been cuz I’m incredibly ticklish). But, there are still healthy ways to have our sensual needs met. …

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My ulcer kicked my ass twice today. Second time nearly vomited again. I hate this. There’s a tight band across my upper abdomen. Trying to relax it. I survived, and took my meds. But good godde, that’s the second time this week!!!

Anyway, in the aftermath, I thought back to my relationship with that person. And I realize there is a kind of predator that works at a slow burn. …

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*Author’s note: while much of my deepest analysis still takes place in The Metanoiac Portal, I suppose I will still share some work here. Please keep in consideration that Medium is not viable financially for writers like me, but some information just needs shared as widely as possible. So consider any future articles as tidbits and teasers.*

Abuse is the only crime in which people pretend to give a fuck about humanity, and always bid for the wrong party at that.

Ain't nobody ever forgot that abusers are very very human. That's exactly why abuse is so egregious - they have willingly failed to treat nature, animals, and fellow humans with respect, failed to account for their choice or their need to be left the fuck alone and intact. …

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I need clients and funds. I have information. It’s valuable. It’s rare.

But it’s not in a package you’ve been taught to like so… crickets…

I’m too different in all the ways you were taught meant something awful.

You literally need to learn what I have to teach. You literally need me to hold space for your trauma and fear. You literally need me to enrich certain areas of your life no one else can.

But… I’m me, and you’ve been told I don’t exist. I’m me and every other me geta brutally murdered, usually by a lover or client who just couldn’t bear the burden of my existence. …

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I did a thing.

Tee Hee Hee! #MichonCon is Coming!!!

As promised, I’ve begun to take steps to set up the first ever Michon Con during my birthday season. A set number of tickets is for sale.

I still need to do the following, which you’re all welcome to pitch in on if you have the spears:

*Set Up The Viewing Platform *Set Up Content Polls *Create an Accessible Schedule *Market the Event *Find Childcare (for myself, but honestly, if I think I’ll make enough revenue from the subscription section, I’ll do a childcare stipend for marginalized parents)

*Find Volunteers (volunteers get half off, but these tickets are limited…

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Against a black background, two blue cog-work heads facing one another — one with orange cogs where the brain is and the other with red cogs where their brain is. The words Reason, Balance, Creativity, Life, Respect, Integrity, Freedom, Critical, Productivity, Acumen, Leadership, Excellence, Pace, Thinking, Efficiency, Sense, Innovation, and Insight appear in white in a crossword pattern between them.

My children, my nieces and nephew need critical thinking skills just as much as they need my love.

Because right now, most men and women still believe they’re opposites instead of complementary. Most people think there are only two human sexes. Most people think that races are an actual biological reality instead of cultural and ethnic constructs. One in three women around the globe will be subject to intimate partner physical and sexual violence and yet people still think abuse is an individual problem.

People think that the thing that makes us most human is the crap our reptilian brain pulls like jealousy, rather than the pre-frontal cortex specifically designed for regulating that evolutionarily-lazy (and very, very yte) shit. …

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Except dolphins are terrible so I'd never be one. Anyway, this is my birth month, and for my birthday, I want a space actually created to center me and those like me. So, I've been creating one. I've mentioned The Metanoiac Portal before, and I'm finally ready to make the transition.

This will be my last update here. I appreciate those of you who have supported my work. If you want to see future work, please sign up using the link below.

As stated in the pinned post in Integrated Non-Monogamy; all of my FB groups will be archived on June 1st. …

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Kaleidoscopic pain,
Trickles of electric tickles
So intense I lose my breath.
Before I can begin to inhale or even wince,
That rrrrrriiiiippppppp and tear as the strands of invasive tissue tug and roar
From one organ to the next.
Doubled over,
Huddled up,
Hunching in 'round the neutron star imploding in my lower gut.
There's no reproduction here,
Just a fierce and tired Dragon,
Breathing fire through my skin
Because there's no outlet.
Let me be the first
To converse
Through the cuilverse,
I let you know how it feels,
How it peels 'cross every layer -
Worldwide? Shit, this interconnected, integrated, bursting through the multiverse
Like a damn curse!
They wanna make me feel better about my lot
Rather than understand my pain is the main plot.
Tumbling through darkness, fell right off the edge of the universe, ain't no guides on my path, bih, ain't nobody been here. …


Michon Neal

Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

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